Kiss Péter ,Hungary

“The most beautiful part of music for me is when I have the chance to play with others. But no matter whether I play as a chamber musician or as a soloist, I primarily want to be a musician and not a pianist.”
As a chamber musician and as a soloist, Péter Kiss has performed with many excellent partners: he has played with Zoltán Kocsis, Kristóf Baráti and Jonathan Cohen, as well as Barnabás Kelemen, Gergely Vajda and the Amadinda Percussion Ensemble. He has given recitals in Chicago, Cleveland, Santiago de Chile, New Delhi, and Beijing, and presented workshops in Chicago and Beijing. Contemporary music and the music of earlier periods – by Brahms, Bartók, Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven or Bach – coexist in organic harmony in the life Péter Kiss. With the structure of his concerts, he regularly tries to call the attention of the audience to the connection between contemporary music and the music of earlier times.
Mr Kiss has been, and still is, in touch with a number of significant composers of our times: he presented the Dances of the Brush-footed Butterfly by Péter Eötvös in 8 countries and he played the world premiere of Oh Rose. He has worked with Steve Reich, Michael van der Aa, Marta Ptaszyńska and Ivan Fedele. As a member of the Ludium Ensemble, Péter Kiss has been working intensively with the music of György Kurtág ever since he was a student at the Liszt Academy. Kurtág has supported the efforts of the ensemble, led by Gábor Csalog and András Kemenes, with his personal presence and instructions. With Péter Háry and Dániel Szendrey, Péter Kiss is a founding member of Trio Inception that features the unusual line-up of French horn, cello, and piano. Contemporary composers have written dozens of pieces for them, at their request, and they also plan to announce a composing competition to support the creation of new pieces.
Creative processes are highly important for the pianist: he has composed his own cadenzas for several piano concertos, including Mozart’s Concerto in D minor and Beethoven’s Concerto in B flat major. He is not satisfied with simply learning the notes and phrases: no matter what style or age it comes from, he examines passionately the building blocks of the music.
Apart from the 40-50 concerts he plays each year, Péter Kiss is also active as a professor of the Faculty of Chamber Music in the Liszt Academy. Péter Kiss won third place in the Piano Competition of the Hungarian Radio and came first in the Barletta International Piano Competition. He has been awarded the Annie Fischer Scholarship three times. In 2011, he was granted the Artisjus Award for his work for Hungarian contemporary music and in 2015 he received the Junior Prima Award for his achievements as a performing artist.

Daviad Ball,Hungary

Acclaimed pianist David Ball is indisputably one of the leading representative of Hungary in his proclaimed field. He has already had performances at, Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, the Lincoln Center in New York, Musikvereinsaal in Wien, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Salle Pleyel in Paris, Festspielhaus in Salzburg, the Royal Opera House Muscat and the Kioi Hall in Tokio. He has gives concerts with musicians who are acknowledged worldwide, examples include Ivan Fischer, Heinz Holliger, Zoltán Peskó, Mikhail Pletnev, Gábor Takács-Nagy and Klaus Thunemann. He has also been invited five times up until now to perform with maestro Zoltán Kocsis and the Hungarian National Philharmonic (Beethoven 5th, Liszt 2nd, Prokofieff 3rd and Schoenberg op. 42., Strawinsky Petrushka).

Mr. Báll was born in 1982 in Budapest. He received his formal training at the Aelia Sabina Music School, Bartók Béla Conservatory and the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. His professors were, among others, Ferenc Rados, György Nádor, András Kemenes, Zoltán Benkő and Karapetian Karin. In 2011 he earned his doctorate in Liberal Arts (DLA) at the Franz Liszt Academy where he is one of the professors of piano since 2013.

He has been awarded at nearly every major piano competition in Hungary (Budapest, Szeged, Pécs, Békés-Tarhos), and continues his triumphs in Spain, Italy, Norway, Wien and Japan. In 2013 he earned the Zoltán Magyary Postdoctoral Scholarship (National Excellence Program), and is a three-time Annie Fischer Scholarship winner, he was also given the Hungarian State Scholarship, the Universitas Foundation Award, Péter Robicsek and Ari Kupsus Award.


Marcell Szabó took his first official piano lessons at the age of eight, and by the time he was twelve he was studying in the Liszt Academy’s Special School for Exceptional Young Talents, under the tutelage of Gábor Eckhardt. For a long time he put at least as much energy into roller skating as playing the piano, but after a series of injuries he had to decide, and chose the piano over the extreme sport. In the 2010–2011 academic year he was a student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and since 2012 he has continued his studies at the Doctoral School of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. The pianist, who in 2016 was awarded the Annie Fischer Scholarship and in 2015 the Junior Prima Award, has also swept up the prizes at numerous international competitions in recent years. In 2014, for example, he took 1st prize and the Contemporary Music and Orchestra Award at the International Bartók Piano Competition in Szeged, 3rd prize in the 33rdInternational Delia Steinberg Piano Competition in Madrid, and 1st prize and a special award in Paris at the 16th International Île de France Piano Competition. The success in Paris was one of the events on his “bucket list”, and led to many festival invitations, while he also got the opportunity to perform at a solo evening in the French capital. The orchestra award that he won at the Bartók competition, meanwhile, provided him with the opportunity to perform Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor on stage in 2015. Rachmaninoff’s music has always held an attraction for him; the unusual Russian melodies, forms and harmonies are especially close to his heart. As the lead player in evenings of solo and chamber music, Marcell Szabó has given concerts in Vienna, Madrid, Hamburg, Brussels, Luxembourg, Nagoya and the Crimean Peninsula